Pelham Niagara Falls Community Welcomes the Pelham Pirates Hockey Team

On July 21, the Pelham Municipal Council in Niagara Falls signed a 7 year lease agreement for the Pelham Pirates Junior B Hockey Club, which means fans can expect plenty of hockey action for the upcoming 2014-15 season.

An Exciting Opportunity

Following the agreement, Mayor Dave Augustyn said he was very excited about this “great opportunity” for the sport of hockey, and that it is a “community commitment” and provides great potential for both the Pirates and the town.

Once the go-ahead was given by the Ontario Hockey Association, the squad, which used to be known as the Port Colborne Pirates, will make Pelham Area, 1120 Haist Street their home for the next two seasons. The contract, it should be noted, is flexible so in the event that the town opts for a new community center, the Pirates will be able to use it for an extra five years.

Pelham Pirates

Plans for the Immediate Future

For the moment, the Pirates’ change rooms are being facilitated at a temporary structure close to the arena. According to the schedule, the home games will be on Friday evenings with Tuesday nights an option. Furthermore, the Pirates are going to operate the concession this year, thereby reducing the town’s operating expenditures.

The Pirates team need an ice time of 5.5 hours a week. According to the Pelham Minor Hockey Association and Niagara Centre Figure Skating Club, they are providing full support for the team, and that the coming of the Pirates is good news for the community.

In an interview with Pirates owner Tim Toffolo, he said that junior hockey is going to give the community “something they can rally around” and unite for. Mr. Toffolo also said that the team is “very happy” to be in Pelham and that he was ecstatic Pelham welcomed the team with open arms.

What You Need to Know Before Choosing a Web Development Company in Niagara Falls

Choosing a web development company in Niagara Falls is no different from hiring a new employee.  Owners of companies and even individuals who would like to have their own Internet presence should pick a web development firm with the track record, expertise, and qualified personnel. Having a list of criteria helps clients in choosing a firm that is best qualified to carry out a web development project.

Some of the things that clients should ask when screening web development companies include:

1. Price

For many clients, the prime consideration in choosing a Niagara Falls web development company is the price of the services. Companies have different prices for their services.  The prices may be affected by factors like the reputation of the vendor, web design, hosting requirements, inclusion of content management system, customization, among others.

For websites with very basic designs, web developers charge fees that range from $2000 to $5000. A website with basic design looks like an online brochure that details the services offered by the company or individual that owns the said portal.

The downside is that the design is restricted, with potential customers unable to interact with the website owner. Likewise, the website owner cannot update the pages of the website without hiring a web programmer or designer.

Website design prices increase with the addition of more features like content management system and e-commerce applications.

Web Development

2. Track Record

Equally important but often overlooked by most clients is the track record of a web development company. Clients usually opt for web developers with the cheapest rates, not realizing that they could be partnering with a web development firm with a less-than-stellar track record.

Before partnering with a web developer, check the previous works of the firm. Looking at previous projects of the prospective web design and development firm will give you a pretty good idea of the capabilities of the company.

Pay attention to the small details of their work such as the selection of fonts and colors and layout of past works. This would help you determine which things would work on your own website.

Another way to check on the track record of a web development firm in Niagara is to ask for a list of their previous clients. Check out the websites of their past clients and look at how they designed these portals. Likewise, you may investigate whether these websites have had any quantifiable measures of success like increase in traffic or increased sales inquiries.

3. Security

Clients should also give premium on the security of a website, and this is usually the responsibility of the web developer. You don’t want to have a website that can be easily hacked, as you could lose vital information aside from putting your business in peril. If the server where you website is hosted is not secure, it can also become an easy target for hackers who can send out spam messages coming from your portal.

Ask a prospective web development firm about their back-up policies, security measures and service guarantees so that you can sleep well at night knowing that your website won’t be prone to hacking.  Security is particularly important if your website comes with e-commerce features where sensitive information like credit card numbers is inputted.

4. Personnel

Before agreeing to partner with a web design company, you must have met the team that will work on your website. Web developers usually assign an account manager to their clients who will oversee the entire project, and the account manager will be backed by team consisting of a web developer and designer.  If possible, ask for more information about the personnel assigned to you so that you can be guaranteed of the qualifications of these people.

You must also clarify how you can contact the team assigned to you. Do they have 24/7 support? Can you reach the account manager directly by phone? This is particularly important during a crisis like website hacking or downtime.

There’s a lot at stake in hiring a web development firm in Niagara Falls. Having a professional-looking website can make or break your business.  A website that does not have the appropriate security measures can put your business at risk of hacking. You can avoid these potential problems by hiring a reputable, experienced, and reasonably priced web developer.


Endangered Reptiles Find Safe Haven in Niagara Falls

In one of the biggest undertakings of its kind ever attempted, Reptile Kingdom, Welland and District Humane Society and the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) have established the Provincial Investigations Reptile Housing Facility in Niagara Falls to provide shelter for reptiles in Ontario.

Objective and Purpose

The purpose of the project is to bring all non-native reptiles including amphibians, arachnids and amphibians handed over to OSPCA to Thorold where experts will take care of them. According to Humane Society executive director John Greer, this endeavor is the “first of its kind in Ontario”, and he also added that this is “long overdue” given the huge number of reptiles there.

According to Greer, their group has long had solid relations with Reptile Kingdom, and have been working together with regards to surrenders and seizures of exotic animals. However, the problem is not all Ontario shelters are equipped to handle these animals, hence the need for the development of a special facility for it.


Providing Help and Assistance

With the Provincial Investigations Reptile Housing Facility, these groups will know who turn to the reptiles to, and be assured that trained animal control officers are present and can handle any situation that comes up. In the event that an animal needs to be seized or removed, officers may get in touch with the provincial safe house for help. In addition, reptile experts can determine by looking at photos if the creature is dangerous.

These experts will also decide if it is necessary to move the animal from the place where it was found to Niagara Falls, and OSPCA will shoulder the expense. According to the group, accredited reptile handlers will be called on to provide assistance. The need for experts in handling the situation cannot be overemphasized since there are more than 3,000 unique species of snakes alone, to say nothing of the other reptiles. According to Mike London, Reptile Kingdom owner, most SPCAs are not equipped to handle the situation.

London went on to say that the need to establish a provincial facility for reptiles and snakes has become necessary. Statistics show the number of people keeping reptiles as pets is growing. Moreover, the zoos in Ontario are fast reaching their full capacity, and it won’t be long before they become crowded.

By establishing a dedicated facility in Niagara Falls, London says, snakes and other reptiles will finally have a place they can call home.

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